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Lodi Construction Project

The Habitat for Humanity of  San Joaquin County, Inc. covers a large geographical area. Projects in the past have ranged from Lodi to Tracy. The affiliate has been active in the Lodi area in the past and is looking for additional opportunities.

Underway at this time is a rehabilitation effort on a home in the North East area of Lodi. The home is located at 335 North Stockton Street in Lodi. This is a home that is very familiar with the Habitat affiliate as it was built by the affiliate originally. It came back to us through some unfortunate circumstances and we are in the process of restoring it to be a home for a deserving family. This home could be ready for occupancy in the next 60 days so we need applicants from interested families.

Students of the M.O.V.E. program at University of the Pacific
celebrate their efforts after the construction day at
335 North Stockton Street in Lodi.

The first big effort in bringing this home back to life was on August 20, 2010. The University of the Pacific, through the M.O.V.E. program, had approximately 56 students volunteer for the day. The activities that were scheduled ranged from interior painting, exterior painting, fence building and re-landscaping the front yard.   The students were divided in four teams, each assigned to a task on the home. Each team tackled the task that they were given with enthusiasm! At the end of the day, what was a goal had become a reality. All the tasks were completed through the effort of the students.     

Thank You For Your Support 

A huge "Thank You" to the local companies that made this effort possible. The companies that assisted this effort through donations were the following:

Delta Blue Grass

Delta Blue Grass donated the sod for the front yard. Without this generous donation, the "instant makeover" of the front yard would not have been possible. On short notice, Delta Blue Grass had the material delivered before the sun came up on our work day! Thank you Delta Blue Grass!

Valley Landscaping and Maintenance

Valley Landscaping provided site supervision, both prior to the work day and throughout the work day on Friday. Don Oliver, owner of Valley Landscape, graciously agreed to provide the manpower to prep the front yard for sod, repair sprinklers and supervise the work effort on Friday. John Plinski was a huge help in getting this work accomplished. Thank you to Valley landscaping!

Kelly Moore Paints

The management team at Kelly Moore Paint in Lodi gave the renovation a huge boost in donating the material for the interior painting and providing excellent pricing for the balance of the materials for the exterior painting. Thank you to Kelly Moore Paint!

Sandoval Fence

Bob Lapenta, manager of Sandoval fence, provided fencing material and labor to assist and coordinate the rebuilding of the fences. Bob's crew set posts and directed the volunteers on the moving of all the materials, building fence rails and installation of all the new fence pickets. Great job Sandoval Fence!

We are always looking for other opportunities and welcome any input on available property or homes that are suitable for development or rehabilitation.   We are interested in opportunities throughout San Joaquin County and your leads are very much appreciated.  Call us at (209) 465-5054.

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