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Stockton Construction Projects

We have completed several homes in the  19 lot subdivision of off Highway 99/Arch Road area in Stockton known as the "Dream Creek Project."  We are excited about this project as this is the first in San Joaquin County, that will be a true residential "community effort."

3274 & 3273 Glenhaven Lane

Construction of two brand new homes at 3274 & 3273 Glenhaven Lane in Stockton are almost complete.  We will be dedicating both of these homes on August 26, 2017. 

Within the same subdivision we will begin building 5 new homes.  All of our homes are energy efficient and are being used by PG&E for efficiency studies.  

Habitat has had great support from the community on this project, and would like to thank all of our volunteers and donors.  Your support helped make dreams come true for low income families and Veterans in San Joaquin County.


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